Chronicles of a Wanna be Artist

I have always loved and admired visual arts but never thought to be very good at. I’ve dabble in doodles and watercolor painting but never really challenged myself to try and do things that were outside of what I knew I was capable of.

This project initially started in April/May of 2015 when I took a 10 week art class and wanted to document my progress through weekly updates following each class. The calss was a traditional drawing course that taught the basics of the human figure and some shading techniques which definitely helped form a base for a lot of other aspects of drawing. Although I enjoyed it immensely I didn’t really feel as much growth as I would have liked.

I decided to keep this project open by calling them “chapters” for any other artistic encounters I might have since I’m always coming back to the medium. My hope is that one day I will improve to where I’m happy with my abilities and can proudly call myself an artist and not a “wanna be artist”.

If you want to check out any chapter from the project so far you can follow the links below!

Chapter 1 chronicles my time taking art classes in April/May of 2015 and my growth over the course of the class through 10 weekly updates and a final assessment.

Chapter 2 chronicles an attempt at a 30 day hand lettering and watercolor challenge I set for myself in January 2017. Spoiler alert: I failed, it lasted 2 weeks.