Chronicles of a Wanna be Artist

This project was started a little over a year ago in April/May of 2015 when I took a 10 week art class in an act of desperation to rekindle my artistic abilities. I ended up liking the course and learning a lot but never found the time to go back for other classes.

After completing the classes I found that I had not improved as much in art as I would have liked and put my art on the back burner. With the classes being over I wasn’t too sure when I might take another, so I decided to keep this project open for any other artistic encounters I might have.

So far I have two such artistic encounters and I have decided to call them “Chapters” seeing as they are stories in my artistic endeavors:

Chapter 1 chronicles my time taking art classes in April/May of 2015 and my growth over the course of the class through 10 weekly updates and a final assessment.

Chapter 2 chronicles a 30 day hand lettering and watercolor challenge I set for myself in January 2017 through 4-5 weekly updates and an intro and final assessment.