Captured Moments

I love to take pictures but I never really do anything with them and as a result I have managed to digitally hoard all of them on my computer never to be seen again until I choose to revisit them. I want to print some to hang around the house but my favorite print shop is no longer in my city and I’m too lazy busy to go out and find a new one. So why not post them to Facebook you might ask? Well I don’t really use my Facebook except for communication and the occasional boredom quencher plus I just don’t think my friends except maybe three people would have any interest in my pictures.

So I decided if I don’t want to share them with a group of people I know and knew at one point in my life why not share them with people I don’t know! And thus this project was born! I thought that every month I would make a blog post as a sort of… photo essay? scrapbook? thing? of all of my favorite moments and pictures that happened throughout the month and so I created “Captured Moments”. This way I can share and revisit moments from the month as well as hopefully grow in my photography skills. I hope you enjoy them!

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