Autumn Garland DIY

Around the holiday times of year (or really any time of the year, let’s be real) I absolutely love to decorate my home with anything festive. From flowers to artwork, and fairy lights to garlands, my house becomes the season or holiday. Garlands, in particular, are my favorite because I feel like they add so … Continue reading Autumn Garland DIY


Egg Coaster DIY

Hello friends! I come to you today with a strange but fun DIY which I think is also really easy to make. I like strange home-ware, which often goes completely against my original ideas on how I want to decorate my home or desk area, and have therefore acquired some strange pieces popping up around … Continue reading Egg Coaster DIY

Mini Spring DIY

Spring has finally arrived, although you wouldn't think so with the weather we've been having but that's Canada for you, always the last to get the memos about change of season. Either way there's a lot less snow on the ground, the days are feeling longer, tulips are popping up in every shop and I'm … Continue reading Mini Spring DIY