Captured Moments – December

It’s been a while since I’ve been on here and that’s poor organization on my part, if I’m being honest. School just hit me so unexpectedly in the last month or so and it consumed most of my life. Either way, I’m on break now and I thought I would take the time to do my December captured moments since we’re hours shy of the new year!

There’s really no story to tell this month because it honestly just consisted of me writing papers everyday and scrambling to get my Christmas shopping done. So all these pictures are ones I took yesterday when I went out for a walk after the snow storm but I think they are pretty all the same and thought I would share the ones I loved.


This past week, has been rather calm since me and my Dad once again made the trip out of the city to eastern Canada to visit my grandmother for Christmas! It’s been a week of family and food and slow country side life which has been a nice alternative to the past couple of weeks I’ve had.


If you follow me on instagram then you already know that the eastern part of Canada got hit with a snow storm causing a few of the major highways along the way back to the city to be closed. We decided to stay an extra day until it calmed down just to be on the safe side because you never want to risk snow storms. But I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little sad not to be going home.


Well that’s all for this month, hoping you all had a wonderful holiday season and best wishes for the new year! Stay warm, and stay safe!

Captured Moments – September

School has started again (as made evident by how late I am at posting this, which I shouldn’t be doing because of the many research projects I have due) but I thought I would post my monthly photos which aren’t so much “monthly” as it is “a day in September”.

With school having started, I never really got a chance to get out and take pictures the same way I did during the summer. To be honest I only went out to take pictures once this month, which makes me sad but what can you do when you’re an undergrad. Luckily I have a friend who likes photography just as much as I do and happens to be taking a photography class and likes to drag me on assignment missions with her.



She was looking for something interesting and different for her assignment and we remembered that there was this old abandoned building of sorts in a park near where we live so we thought we would just go and check it out.



When we got there we found that the gate on the side of the building leading into the back had been cut open or left open, we weren’t sure, and we ended up just walking right through to the back of what we learned to be an abandoned petting zoo. I wish I had managed to get a picture of it but walking through it, it looked like something out of an apocalyptic film and if it weren’t for the sounds of the city I would have almost believed it.





We found a children’s play structure tucked off to the side of the main path which to me gave off this sort of creepy vibe about it. Something about the overgrown grass around it and the graffiti and just the overall washed out look of it was kind of a creepy sight. I don’t know how to explain it but anything to do with children’s things just left forgotten always comes off as eerie. It’s also not a style of play structure we see anymore, most things are made of plastic and metal now, so to see one made of wood again brought me back to my childhood.


Even though not much happened during September this little adventure made up for the lack of fun I’m having now with school having started again.


Captured Moments -August

This month was a really slow but relaxing month for me. Nothing fantastic happened but at the same time it was nice to not have places to be all the time or things that needed to be done.


Because a lot of this month was spent with me at home it gave me a chance to really spend some time with my little bun and get to know her personality. Which I have discovered can be both sweet and feisty. She loves her cuddles just as much as she loves to be left alone to run around on her own.


I also tried to take all this free time to practice more of my photography, particularly night photography. I love my pictures to have bright natural undertones to them and so trying to figure out how I want my night time pictures to look has proven to be rather challenging and I feel like this is the only decent picture to come out of all my efforts. It’s still not the best but it’s a start I think.


One of the best days from this month actually happened a couple of days ago actually and it was all the little things about it that made it so great. I go to have a real macaron from a gourmet pastry shop for the first time (technically the second but I don’t really remember the first time) and I can honestly say that they are as good as people say they are. Perhaps a little sweet but I still love them.


That same day I also finally received my enamel pin that I’ve been waiting for and I couldn’t be more happy with it. This is the first and only time I’ve ever wanted to document an outfit because I was thoroughly chaffed with myself for putting it together so expertly.I also got a much needed haircut and I think it’s the best it’s ever been.

For the first time in a long time I decided to explore different parts of my city than the same old spots that I know just to see more of what it has to offer. Personally, I think everyone should do this because it becomes so easy to sink into familiarity but sometimes when we venture outside of that comfort zone we can be pleasantly surprised.


Overall, I think that this month, although it felt slow at times and I had moments wishing I were already back in school, I really did enjoy it. I enjoyed the late nights and sleeping in and the quality time with myself (and my furry bun) because I think that it’s easy to forget to spend time with yourself and not always rely on other people.

Captured Moments – July


This month was one that, looking back on, I really enjoyed. Sure I yet again couldn’t find a job but that’s okay it allowed for more time to spend with friends and family. The way I try to see it is that I spend eight months out of the year stressing my butt off and work hard to do well in school that a month like this one was like a breath of fresh air.

As we do every summer my Dad and I made the long trip up north to visit my grandmother, an 86 year old woman who is still kicking it I’m proud to say. It was nice to get out of the city and breathe some country air for a change and what makes it more enjoyable is that she lives a stone’s throw away from a river so the views are one I wished I woke up to every morning. I think my favorite moment from this whole trip was when it was just the two of us and she sat me down with a mushed strawberries, sugar, and cream concoction and I was introduced to what is now my new favorite dessert!


After getting back I was still in the dizzy daydream that was country style life and so I decided to take a visit to my city’s art gallery (which is free so I tend to make use of this about four to six times a year). As long as I can remember art galleries have always been a magical place for me. I always enjoy walking the halls peering into the visual imagination of an artist creating stories in my head of the scene I am looking at. It was also on this visit that I determined my new favorite artist is Jean-Joseph Benjamin-Constant who I saw in an exhibition two years ago and rediscovered and now joins the ranks of Claude Monet and Vincent Van Gogh as my favorites.


Summer is in its prime here in Canada and personally I am loving it. I may be a Canadian but my blood is warm and I hate the winter, which sucks when it’s what we endure for four to five months out of the year. My boyfriend and I have recently re-discovered the joy of picnicking. This month we had our second picnic together and I can honestly say that it was one of the best days we have had just doing nothing in a long time. Normally we’re both so busy with something that to be able to take the time just to eat and spend some well needed time together was wonderful.

One thing I really love about the city that I live in now is that it’s big enough to have a large city center but also quiet suburban areas to escape from all the hustle and bustle. Being in a city that big allows for always having something to do I find. So one day, just last week actually, my boyfriend and I decided to have a date day and visit the botanical gardens (originally the planetarium but all the tickets were sold out). It was positively one of the loveliest date days we have had in a long while.


On the same day that we visited the gardens we also visited the Biodôme and this little guy was the cutest thing I had seen all day (aside from my rabbit at home of course, but I’m biased about her). And although I don’t really have any good pictures of them we also got to see the penguins which I think was a good way to end not only the date on but the month as well.