Greetings mountain climbers, gazer of stars and planets, adventurer of oceans far and wide! My name is Aleck and this small place on the internet is my blog! To be completely honest with you I don’t really know what you’re going to find here exactly. I love doing a lot of things like creating stories or crafts and I love adventuring and taking pictures of those adventures. So for now what I guess you will find here is a little bit of everything as well as probably a little bit of nothing.1473.png

A little bit about me, I love to do artistic things but I don’t normally like to call myself an artist because I don’t have one thing I artistically thrive at. In starting this blog I hope it will be a way for me to find my artistic style or my artistic aesthetic or artistic thing (if that makes sense). So welcome to this ride with me, grab some popcorn or some ice cream or whatever your poison of choice is and climb on board this train to the top of this mountain!