The Art Challenge – Week 2

It’s really amazing how time passes us by when we are in the chaos of it. It’s only when we take a moment and look back on how far we have come do we notice how much of it has actually gone by. This is how I feel right now. I started this challenge 15 days ago, which means I can now say I’m half way done!

Personally, this past week was a bit of a weird one for me. My mind felt cluttered and foggy and I often found myself wondering where the days had gone at the realization that they were over. If you have been following this challenge on my instagram then I’m sure you noticed I forgot to post a few days, mostly because the day would escape me and I would my pieces late in the evening.

Thankfully, this challenge was the only normality of my whole week. Without a doubt I knew it would be there at the end of the day and often found comfort in that amid the fog.

As for the pieces themselves, with the week I have been having, I half expected them to be sub-par, done with little effort. Even after having completed some I would think to myself that I have done better or tried harder. Looking at them now, however, I think I made some really good pieces, pieces that I’m proud of, if I’m being honest.

I did notice myself gravitating more towards watercolor pieces this week as opposed to hand lettering ones, with four out of the seven being watercolor. I mentioned in last week’s update that I felt like I could do with some hand lettering basics and knowing that made me want to avoid hand lettering this week.

For my watercolor pieces I tried to break away from what I’m finding most comfortable and try something new and more challenging. As this is a challenge I felt it necessary to do exactly that, challenge myself. It’s easy to do what I already know I feel confident in and how it will look when completed, so to try something I don’t know how the outcome will be makes me nervous.

I’m a creature of habit, so to try something new is very intimidating for me because I’m afraid of failure. So for this next week I’m hoping to break two things: fear of failing and fear of hand lettering.


The Art Challenge – Week 1

It’s been a little over a week now since I set out on this challenge and so far it has been going great! I haven’t missed a day which makes me really happy because I also started school again last week and I was a little concerned I would slack once the priorities started up again.

As it is only the first week I can’t say for sure if I’m feeling any sort of improvement in my work but I can say there are things I’m already learning about myself. I REALLY enjoy painting foliage, be wreaths, leaves, or simple patterns I love it. There’s just something so elegant and simple about some of the pieces I have created that I’m really happy with. My favorite so far definitely has to be the white spruce branch I did because I spent so much time on it and it turned out exactly how I wanted it to!

As for hand lettering I’m finding how intimidating it can be and I find I’m actually spending more time on a piece when it’s hand lettering because I spend too much time trying to get things right the first time. I still love it very much and I’m determined to create kick ass pieces in the future but I think I might be due for some basics first. For the rest of this challenge I still plan on continuing to do hand lettering pieces but I think I’ll make them more practice pieces and less something ambitious.

Overall, I have loved this first week of the challenge and it has honestly become one of the first things I think about when I wake up. “what am I going to create today” and spend way too much time during any breaks between classes or time during my commute scrolling through pinterest looking for inspiration.

The Art Challenge! (sort of)

If you follow me on instagram then you’re already aware that I dabble in watercolor painting and hand lettering. Both of which have quickly become hobbies that I do pretty regularly now after having picked them up over the later part of the summer. The more I do them the more I learn that I have never found something that is both so challenging yet so calming. Water is stubborn and free flowing so trying to control it is definitely out of the question. But I like to think that I’m slowly learning to work with it.

If you poke around on my blog or have been following me already then you know that during the spring of 2015 I took a beginners drawing class (you can find all my posts about that here). I can safely say that having taken that class has given me a good base to work with when starting watercolors.

The hand lettering on the other hand has been mostly just trial and error with a lot of copying things I like on pinterest. If you’re curious about where exactly I draw my inspiration from I have a board for hand lettering and one for where I draw inspiration from for watercolor painting.

Although I have seen an improvement in these mediums since I first started over the summer, I’m not seeing as much improvement as I had hoped for. In light of this, I’ve decided to set a challenge for myself by doing either watercolor painting, hand lettering, or both every day for the next 30 days. They say that it takes 21 days to develop a habit so I feel confident that with 30 days it will not only become a habit but also help to show a slight improvement.

If you would like to keep up with me on this journey I’ll be posting every day over on my instagram! At the moment I have three days that I posted in bulk this morning because I only just decided yesterday that this was a challenge I wanted to do. I’ll also be doing weekly updates on here every Thursday and I intend on bringing back my “Chronicles of a Wannabe Artist” project seeing as this challenge could be a seen as a “Chapter 2” to the project. Wish me luck everybody!