Egg Coaster DIY

Hello friends! I come to you today with a strange but fun DIY which I think is also really easy to make.

I like strange home-ware, which often goes completely against my original ideas on how I want to decorate my home or desk area, and have therefore acquired some strange pieces popping up around my home among my less strange and more fitting home-ware pieces. (An example of this is two small bowls I have painted to look like a watermelon cut in half and of a grapefruit cut in half. Do they match my kitchen set? No. Do I like them anyways? Yes.) So here I am today adding yet another strange idea for a home-ware item to my home with a DIY egg coaster! Why an egg you might ask? I don’t actually have an answer for this other than because why not.

For the first part of this craft you don’t need a whole lot of materials except for the materials shown below. I would also like to note that you don’t necessarily need to use air dry clay, you could use polymer clay or any other clay you prefer, I personally feel like air dry is the best for this project though. The pen and paper are also not vital but I am a person who likes to have a template so that I don’t spend a whole lot of time looking for the shape I want for my egg.

First, roll out your clay to your desired thickness, I was going for a rather thick coaster so I made mine about half a centimeter but if you want it to be thinner then flatten it to the thickness you want. As I mentioned I drew out my egg onto a piece of paper and cut it out to help with this next step. Using the template I placed it on the clay and cut out my egg shape.

Now, you can skip this next step if you want but I wanted to give my egg some more dimension to it so for the yolk part I made a smaller circle using the excess clay, being sure to make it a lot thinner than the larger shape I made because you still want to be able to put glasses comfortably on your coaster. I then carved out a small portion in the main body of the coaster where the yolk goes and placed the circle I made earlier inside of it.

Using water I removed the rough edges and smoothed the circle into the rest of the area and was left with what you see below. If you don’t want to do this then I suggest just drawing out a circle where you want the yolk to be or simply paint it on later.

I let mine dry over night and didn’t end up touching it until later in the afternoon the next day because I wanted to be sure it had dried completely since I had made mine so thick.

Now it’s time to paint it! For this next part you will need white and yellow (or orange) paint, and used some mod podge to seal it all in. For the paint I did two coats for both the white and the yellow just to be sure that there would be no thin patches or holes or streaks in the final result. I let the paint dry for about 15 to 30 minutes  (or two episodes of adventure time) and then I went over it with two coats of mod podge just to be sure it was well sealed because I didn’t want the paint washing off were I to put something wet on it.

And that’s it! It’s as easy as that! I think it would also be cool to paint the yolk different colors just to be different and spunky because why not. I hope you enjoyed this and if you do make this I would love to see it, tag me on instagram or use the hashtag #craftingwithaleck!




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