An Enchanted Forest

9601 sg

A couple of days ago me and my boyfriend decided to take our first mini road trip to a forest event we had heard of called “Foresta Lumina”. What the event essentially was was a “light show” in a forest. I say “light show” because it took place at night (ours was at 11:00pm) and instead of sitting and watching a show you walked through the forest, so I feel as through calling it a “show” doesn’t exactly do it justice.

As the reader/watcher you walked through the story and encountered the different plot points narrated mostly through lights, projections, and music but also through short written pieces.

9604 sg

Personally, I really enjoy things like this because for a while you feel like you can be truly lost and, for someone who lives on imagination island, it can feel rather inspiring. My favorite part (which sadly I could not capture because of low light and no tripod) was in a ravine where they had projected a bunch of tiny lights that gave the illusion of stars. I already love looking up at a starry night sky so to actually be able to stand in what felt like the night sky was sort of a dream come true!

9633 sg

My boyfriend really enjoyed the “door” that was on the other end of the bridge (as pictured above). Which I must admit was pretty cool with the single light source and fog that was coming out of it. You felt as though you were crossing into another place by walking through it.

9652 sg

It was definitely worth the two hour drive, although we both wish it lasted a little longer and that the story stood out a little more but it was great all the same. I think I’m going to try and convince him to go back again next year if the park does it again since it was definitely cute date night material.


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