Chronicles of a Wannabe Artist – Day 10

Boy, time flies! Saturday was our last class of the spring semester and I don’t think it has sunk in yet. Consciously I know I won’t be going back this weekend but a small part of me still feels like I will be. I think it will sink in more after the vernissage on Friday which is when I plan to do a wrap up post about the class and my feelings.

Saturday was exactly what I have been wanting from these classes. Our teacher had put out a display of pieces and instructed us to draw whatever part or object from the setup. And if we  felt really adventurous then we could try for the whole display (but I don’t think anyone did in the end). A two hours well spent in my opinion!

The point of the last class was to tie everything we had learned together into one piece. The main focus of the class (as I’m sure you could tell if you have been keeping up with this series) was the human figure and so the majority of the pieces in front of us were human figures. I could only assume he was hoping we would choose those to draw… I drew the bottle.

I have got to say though I’m quite proud of it. I had ambitiously set out to draw the bottle as a side thing next to the female statue but struggled too much with the outline for the bottle that I didn’t have time for her in the end. All the same, I (with a little help) managed to produce a pretty stellar looking bottle!

I wish I could have included it in this post but it was taken from me so that it could be showcased in the vernissage. A somewhat nerve wracking idea for me since I’m utterly terrified of showing my art to anyone but I think it’s also an exciting idea.

When I was done  I sat there looking at it and I couldn’t help but feel proud of myself. “I did that!” is what I thought to myself. A feat I never thought I would be able to accomplish. In that final image alone I could feel these 9 weeks of learning and it made me happy. This class allowed me to see that as long as I keep pushing myself I’m capable of a lot more than what I give myself credit for.


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