The Summer List

9556 sgI think I’m a person of seasons, meaning that depending on whether it’s warm or cold outside my mood and personality shift. Winter is the quiet but restless feeling of staying indoors, spring is the excitement for everything to live once more, summer is the calm and the free, and fall is the return to routine. In these feelings I act grumpy, then hopeful and giddy, then carefree, and then relaxed but disciplined.

Summer has always had a sort of magical feel to it ever since I could remember, maybe it’s the weather or maybe it’s the countless lazy days that accompany me for weeks. I love feeling the sun on my skin, walking in the rain on a hot day, laughing, relaxing, living… I was always afraid of getting older in fear that these feelings would change or fade because of the responsibilities that came with being an adult but they didn’t; they are still there.

I know that the official first day of summer isn’t for another couple of weeks but the weather is starting to tell me otherwise. The days are longer, the air is thicker, and the nights are deeper. In spirit of it all I have decided to do something motivational that will make this summer different than my others.

If you have read some of my older posts you will have seen that I made a list in the fall that involved doing fall inspired things. I had mentioned that I wanted to do one for every season but seemed to have skipped winter and spring (I blame university). I decided that if there was any season that I wanted to make sure I did it was summer.

9198 sg

When making this list I wanted to make them more personal while also remaining fun. Like I mentioned, summer feels more calm and carefree so I wanted the list to also reflect that. Too often I find myself wrapped in countless worries of anything that’s thrown my way and tend to find myself burning out a lot and quickly. I’m in a constant state of what my dad likes to call “a full cup”. I don’t like this state and don’t want to spend my summer with that feeling and have decided to change it.

And so the summer list was born! Looking at it it might seem vague but really that’s the point seeing as it’s a personal one but I still wanted to share it so I’ll explain it generally.

  • Walk, Learn something, write inspirationally, improve languages, and create more. These are things that I classify as “actively doing” because they are stimulating in the creative sense while also being calming. During school I often find I don’t have time to do a lot of these things or at least do a lot of these things for myself and not for assignments.
  • Explore the new and the old, focus myself, adventure the unkown. Like I said, I wanted to help with my full cup problem so I chose specific focuses for myself. If you have been reading my “Chronicles of a wannabe artist” then you will see that even in fun I hesitate and worry. These three points are targeted to help me to try and relieve some of that.

Looking at it now I feel inspired, excited, and scared all at once. A part of me says I’m way too ambitious while another part of me is reminding me that I don’t have to complete or change everything by the end of the summer. For now I will just take every day as it comes.


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