Chronicles of a Wannabe Artist – Day 6

9155 sg bw

There was more live model drawing on Saturday and I think it’s safe to say that I think I’m improving. I like the progression of this class in that every class is a “one step at a time” approach and if we have any hope at getting better than it is up to us to bring it home and practice. Which I am proud to say that I have been doing and I like the results I’m seeing so far.

I would be lying if I said that I feel a lot better with my drawings but I will say that I do see an improvement. On Saturday I often found myself looking around at my classmate’s drawings and comparing them to mine which I probably should not have done. One thing I seem to forget is that not everyone’s drawings are going to look the same because everyone is unique and have their own style and this class tends to be rather free in that department. When I looked I saw that the girl next to me had very rigid and solid lines, the man in front of me chose a more detailed and almost clean-line approach. As for me, I refrained from immediately saying “horribleness” and looked for the positive aspects and discovered I have a softer and slightly scratchy style with excess amounts of lines in the details (which I should calm down on apparently).

I think that this class has been good not only in teaching me something new but also in teaching me how to like what I am capable of producing. Too many times I put myself down and tell myself I’m no good at something and either give up or just not show it to anyone. With this class I have had to show things to my teacher in order to be able to improve and I also choose to show my boyfriend because he’s the one who encouraged me to take the class in the first place and always want to see how I’m growing. I have taken the criticism I normally take to heart and turned it into improvements and thrown it into my work. I listen and constantly remind myself of the pointers my teacher gives me about not hesitating and to stop thinking and I feel like for once I’m doing something right. I’m really sad that this class is almost over and I’m very much inclined to sign up for another one of the classes they have to offer no matter the cost.

See you on Saturday!


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