Chronicles of a Wannabe Artist- Day 5

9157 sg

I’m actually getting around to writing this post on the day it happened (barely) instead of 3-4 days later. Part of the reason being because I want to be sure to bring out the emotions I’m feeling about today’s class as well as write a post on time for once. My boyfriend also might have been an influence and had encouraged me to at least try and write it this weekend being that he’s seen how much I beat myself up over constantly putting writing off.

We had a live model come in today seeing as we have now learned the basics of sketching it was time to apply what we’ve learned to actual poses. This was a first for me and I definitely ran into several problems in class today. I think this was partly due with my mood when I woke up this morning. I had had a hard time waking up this morning and found myself not wanting to go but I managed to convince myself that I wanted to. I’m paying for it after all, there are only ten classes, I want to improve, and I know afterwards I always come out happy. In all honesty I’m glad I went because I did learn more but I don’t think my head was in the right place for it today.

I’m still struggling with proportions and the basic outline of a figure and today I was getting frustrated with it. We had 5 minutes for each pose and I never ended up finishing just the outline and by the third pose I started slowing down on the sketching hoping that I wouldn’t get past the torso before the 5 minutes was up. Bad, I know. When it came the 10 minute poses I tried to get back into it and it kind of worked but reverted back into frustration and trudged through the 15 minute pose.

When my teacher was making his rounds I was really thankful (although very embarrassed at my lack of effort) for his pointers. One thing he told me was that I need to stop thinking and hesitating and just draw. This is a bit of a weird concept to me seeing as I always seek perfection when I draw and I have to stop that. The notion of just drawing what I see is some-what foreign to me, I’m too used to seeing every detail.

I’m not going to let today discourage me, although I can feel how easy it is for me to let that happen. To help this I went out and bought a fresh new sketch book that I’m going to dedicate solely to sketching and try and practice as much as I can!

See you next Saturday!


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