Chronicles of a Wannabe Artist- Day 3

9468 sg


Yes, Saturday’s class was what normally remains to be a dark side of drawing to me. I’m not terrible at drawing the human figure but I honestly think that when I put my mind to it I can make a really cute cartoon character. In terms of realistic figures however, I just never knew how or where to start and tended to just avoid it all together.

Saturday’s class though was really helpful in that we were shown how and where to start (in two different ways as well so we could choose which ever felt more comfortable for us). I’m still a little disproportionate and seem to favor what my teacher calls the “Egyptian Eyes” when I draw eyes but I think I just need to exercise the muscle.

I’m coming to realize that that’s all that this really is is exercising the muscles in the hand to become accustomed to moving in a way of creating an image. I have had artists tell me this before “just practice!”, “do exercises”, or “just draw!”. Practice what? Do what exercises? I don’t know what to draw though! I can fear no longer now though because I have exercises to practice and I know what to draw because I know what I need to work on.

My teacher had even instructed us to bring in the exercises we had been working on at home so as to see what needed to be worked. I have always been afraid of feedback because I often used to think that the person who was looking at my work thought that I sucked or that I was silly for trying. I’m not going to lie, the first few times my teacher made his rounds in previous classes I could feel my heart skipping beats and my legs bouncing but I’m slowly becoming more okay with showing him. I want that feedback so that I know how to fix it and what areas need to be improved because how else would I expect to get better?

See you on Saturday!


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