Chronicles of a Wannabe Artist- Day 2

9362 sg

I wasn’t too sure how many basics would be covered when I first started this class. It is the basic level of the school but I wasn’t too sure how basic they meant, which kind of scared me. I wanted the kind of starter class where you learn everything from shading to perspectives, to dimension drawings. I wanted to learn from square one. I was afraid they would just give the class a refresher and then go straight into drawing models and accurate representations of still life. I can happily say that I worried for nothing!

Last class we were taught the basics of shading and touched on how to measure an object to try and draw it as accurately as possible. Yesterday was continuing on practicing “accurately” measuring objects of still life and I think I’m struggling with it a little. I know how to measure the object but when it comes time to put it to paper it looks wonky and disproportionate. If it were it not for my teacher giving me a quick one on one when he was making his rounds I think I would still be left in the dark. I’m sure with practice I’ll improve it’s just a little frustrating at the moment if I’m going to be honest. One of my biggest challenges I struggle with is perfection and I think I’m going to run into this all throughout this class. I’m just going to have to constantly remind myself that perfection doesn’t exist and that everything takes time and practice.

I absolutely love art and I would definitely classify visiting the art museum as one of my all time favorite pass-times. There’s just so much to look at and appreciate when looking at a piece. All the details and little things you can find, not to mention the appreciation for how much time and hard work goes into creating it. I always wished I could draw anything I wanted but often struggled with details and often got discouraged. I’m excited for this class because I feel like I’m finally chasing a goal that I’ve wanted for as long as I remember instead of just sitting around wishing for things to happen.


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