Chronicles of a Wannabe Artist- Day 2

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I wasn’t too sure how many basics would be covered when I first started this class. It is the basic level of the school but I wasn’t too sure how basic they meant, which kind of scared me. I wanted the kind of starter class where you learn everything from shading to perspectives, to dimension drawings. I wanted to learn from square one. I was afraid they would just give the class a refresher and then go straight into drawing models and accurate representations of still life. I can happily say that I worried for nothing!

Last class we were taught the basics of shading and touched on how to measure an object to try and draw it as accurately as possible. Yesterday was continuing on practicing “accurately” measuring objects of still life and I think I’m struggling with it a little. I know how to measure the object but when it comes time to put it to paper it looks wonky and disproportionate. If it were it not for my teacher giving me a quick one on one when he was making his rounds I think I would still be left in the dark. I’m sure with practice I’ll improve it’s just a little frustrating at the moment if I’m going to be honest. One of my biggest challenges I struggle with is perfection and I think I’m going to run into this all throughout this class. I’m just going to have to constantly remind myself that perfection doesn’t exist and that everything takes time and practice.

I absolutely love art and I would definitely classify visiting the art museum as one of my all time favorite pass-times. There’s just so much to look at and appreciate when looking at a piece. All the details and little things you can find, not to mention the appreciation for how much time and hard work goes into creating it. I always wished I could draw anything I wanted but often struggled with details and often got discouraged. I’m excited for this class because I feel like I’m finally chasing a goal that I’ve wanted for as long as I remember instead of just sitting around wishing for things to happen.

Chronicles of a Wannabe Artist- Day 1

9304 sgI often struggle with what I want the main focus of this blog to be or what I want to primarily write about and I think it’s safe to say this has been a struggle for almost a year now (as you can tell from how much content I lack here). I’ve come to notice that a lot of these things just start out as someone sharing what they like or their experiences in life. So, I decided to look into my life, past the university grind and mountains of readings I need to do, and find something to just chat to the internet about; and that something I’ve decided are my art classes.

Last month I, some-what spontaneously, decided that I wanted to take art classes, which is strange for me considering I avoided the medium like it was a disease all throughout high school and college. I don’t think I’m terrible at it, I just had this huge fear of needing to compete with my classmates who I felt were much better at it than me. But now that I’m older and no longer have as many creative outlets as before, I crave it. I honestly don’t know why I chose art, perhaps it was to try something new, or maybe it’s because I’m still young and feel as though I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with my life. Who knows. But for now, it’s art.

Today I had my first class and I can happily say it was better than what I was expecting. There are no grades or no completely proper way of doing things and it’s a small class where more focus is put on the students, and you can tell that everyone from the students to the teacher are very involved. It’s nice to walk into a space where everyone wants the same thing you do and aren’t just chasing pieces of paper that secure their future.

What I’ve decided to do is write about my time in this class so that by the end of it I will be able to look back and see how I’ve changed and how much I’ve improved. I hope those of you reading will enjoy watching me grow and that we can laugh at my struggles and accomplishments together.

See you next Saturday!

Happy Easter!

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So it’s that time of the year again where the big fluffy bunny pays us a visit and we all indulge ourselves with over priced chocolates and then gather as a family to eat a big hearty meal. Now my family has never been big on any holidays really, we tend to just use it as an excuse to gather and eat food together. But as the years have gone by and I have grown older, holidays have changed for me, especially after I moved away from home. I have gone from family meals to my dad paying me a visit in my new city to this year where I’m spending it all by myself. Another strange aspect being that my boyfriend doesn’t even celebrate Easter with his family until next weekend seeing as they are orthodox. So it was a little weird when he wished me a happy Easter this morning before leaving for work.

But you know, I don’t mind. Yes, it does make me a little sad not to have the traditional meal with my family or a visit from my dad but I’m not crying over it. It is a little strange though to be able to hear all my neighbors bustling with family activity around me but I am pleased as punch just to sit here with my chocolate eggs and binge watch Netflix. Now don’t get me wrong, this is not a pity post, it is just my ramblings of what it is to be a student away from home on a holiday.

So I would like to wish you all a very happy Easter no matter what you are doing or where you are. And if you are like me feeling slightly left out from all the activities, try and make the best of it on your own. Go for a walk, bake some muffins, go to the corner store and buy loads of chocolate, watch your favorite movie or television series, the list is endless. Or if you want an to make an Easter craft keep scrolling for my short tutorial on how to make an Easter stamp!

You will need: Carving tools, an exacto knife, piece of paper, pencil, rubber (stamp base)

You will need: Carving tools, an exacto knife, piece of paper, pencil, rubber (stamp base)


Next, draw your egg with the design onto a piece of paper making sure to draw it on really dark otherwise it won’t transfer as clearly. Also to note: for mine, I want the lines to be what shows up on the image not the large part so I make sure to make thick lines to carve around.


Next, press your image onto the rubber stamp base. If it comes out somewhat faded as mine did, simply go over the lines again in pencil.


Finally, carve out the image! Like I said, I wanted to have the transfer image make the lines stand out so I cut out the large areas, but you can carve it which ever way you want to. I also recommend carving out your egg shape so that you get the egg image and not a square.